The Virtuous Woman


As woman and young ladies in this world lets all bth in the way we look on the outside. As a woman who has dealt with self worth issues for a long period of time.. when I found the lord everything changed. He has showed me that my beauty does not come from this world it comes from the Lord. He has created me in his own image. how do i know? well the above scripture verse in Proverbs. This scripture gives me the promise that God created us in his own image. This is who we were called to be as woman, Virtuous Woman, Woman who laugh without fear of the future. Woman who get up and start the day with their family on their minds, Woman who are strong and courages. Woman who know their worth and know that beauty and fashion will all fade and in the end we know that we can still stand with knowing who we are in Christ. I have always loved beauty and fashion trends, the latest styles, etc. and I love celebrating people. I am not the greatest at makeup, or doing hair, I’m working on it.. and practicing everyday.. but for me this blog is really not about me its more about like I said celebrating you. I have a segment on Mondays called, Makeup Artist Mondays where I feature a makeup artist and all their acheviments. I have other segments such as, My Style picks of the day, Fall and Winter Fashion picks, Worship Moments, and I recently started a segment called Beauty Thursdays. I also combine things like sharing my favorite video tutorials on Instagram as well as inspirational quotes to start out the day. Im really big on encouragement and upliftings. so if you haven’t checked out my Instagram or my new blog please do. I really want to encourage all of you in any way I can! I would love feedback, and new ideas or suggestions that you all have.. and one last thing.. lets have some fun! I hope you enjoyed everything I have had to say on my first blog post. because there will be many more! Stay tuned!

xoxo Melissa- The Virtuous Woman


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