When I woke up this morning i got on fb and saw something on  my newsfeed that caught my eye. It was a quote by the lovely Lisa Bevere. Here is what she said…..16649301_10158082024505447_6859081685330326654_n

“The enemy will do EVERYTHING in his power to prevent you from becoming who God has MADE you to be. He goes after those he views as a threat. If you’ve gone through the fire, be encouraged—there is something God has placed on your life that the enemy fears. #GirlsWithSwords”

WOW!!! what a powerful word! but if you think about it, its so true! When you are going through a really tough time.. and you feel your life being attacked.. we know that the enemy is trying to do everything in his power to attack you because he knows the calling on your life.. he fears you… so he tries to discourage and hurt you.. but take heart God is on your side and he has a huge plan for your life and you will be doing great and big things thats why the enemy fears you! Take up your swords today and fight! The enemy has been defeated and death can’t hold you down! Lets make #GIRLSWITHSWORDS trend! to empower Godly woman all around the world!

XOXO Melissa Kay


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