Daily Devo: Day 2, Today’s Forcast is Mundane, with a 100% Chance of Miraculous

“Dramatic, Life-changing moments are few and far between. The rest of our lives we live in the common, ordinary mundane. So why is it that we hold onto hope that “this, too, shall pass” When it comes to the humdrum of everyday life? I think its because we forget the significance of today in the scope of eternity. The opportunity for growth in holiness lies in the mundane. Right in front of your face- sitting in the tepid dishwasher, festering in the laundry basket, at your crowded dinner table, and under the carseat where your toddler stashed his leftover granola bar for later. Sure, fuzzy mold might be growing there, but in these moments is also where growth in holiness happens. If we’re reading passages like Titus 2 as a mere To-Do list then we’re missing the point. Those godly character traits and behavior are the fruits that grow out of the soil of “sound doctrine” (Verse 1). We are also given the Gospel our motivation for these things (vv 5,10). And motivation can’t be written on an index card- it must be written on our heart. Our hearts are transformed and anchored by grace (vv. 11-14). How will living in the reality of this gospel and God’s grace change the way you see things to provide you with opportunities for growth in holiness? Dirty dishes in the sink or red crayons smashed into an electrical socket by your 2 year old are not just worrisome ordeals in your otherwise uneventful day. They’re opportunities to see the miracles happen.”

Titus 2:1-14

Todays devotional gives us mommys the encouragement that even when our children throw a fit because they didn’t get what they wanted, spill milk all over the floor, or mess up their room after you both cleaned it is just a place for growth in holiness. Its an opportunity for us as moms to look at this situation and instead of getting upset to look at it with grace and holiness. When we really change our mindsets and not always get frustrated with our children but really ask God for Wisdom and understanding to how we can use this opportunity for the better, think of how much your times like these will turn more into love and peace instead of anger and frustration. Look around today and know that every situation in your life can be turned into an opportunity for growth in holiness.

XOXO Melissa Kay



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