Daily Devo:Christ is in you, the hope of Glory

“Its the same dishes, bills, and diapers everyday. Nothing changes.” we groan. Its tempting to view everyday life merely as a monotonous cycle of making the beds only to lie in them again. Even the preacher in the of Ecclesiastes lamented the monotony of the mundane. When we fail to see Gods activity in the word and understand the significance of our being created in his image, we’re functionally hopeless. And so it is with the decisions  we make everyday in regard to our growth in holiness. When our perspective of this life is near-sighted, we come to believe that what is in front of us is all there is. We resist doing the awkward things that entail walking in love. We languish in perseverance in difficult friendships. We even justify our decisions, missing every day opportunities to delight in God. But when we realize that we are indeed surrounded by the circumstances that God has ordained for our sanctification, we can have hope. Gods grace to us in Christ gives us assurance to follow him where he leads, even when its into awkwardness, hard work, and pain. Gods triumphant grace in the work of Christ on the cross assures us, leading us into the mundane, awkward, or painful full of faith and joy. In the Gospel alone we find the hope we need when our depth of perception is skewed and we forget eternity. When our hope is in Gods glory, for ourselves and others, then our life in the home is anything but dull, diminutive, and disappointing.

Colossians 3:1-17

Todays Devo really hit home for me. I have struggled with the mundane of being a stay at home mom. Now don’t get me wrong i love being at home with my babies, but sometimes the housework gets to much.. the laundry piles up, there are always dishes in the sink, it seems like i am always picking up toys in my living room, So at times I can get “lazy” and say.. “well I’ll just do it later” but when we look at our “housework” as giving glory to God instead of looking at the negative, your perspective changes. I have recently had to die to my flesh and asked God to help me when it comes to keeping up with my house. I don’t like to live in a messy house but i don’t want to do the work. The lord then proceeded to tell me.. “who are you doing this for? Yourself or me? I have come to realize that when I’m doing laundry and i have a system it becomes more easier.. putting the dishes in the dishwasher after every time we eat, everything becomes easier. you have a different perspective and i have a happy and clean home. God can change our perspective in everything we do in life. We just have to ask, change and do. I have come to know that here recently and i am a more happier person and my husband comes home to a clean house every day. So I want to encourage all the Wives and Mommy’s who are reading this today. Change your perspective in everything you do. don’t look at it in the negative, know that  Jesus Christ is in you, the hope of Glory.


XOXO Melissa Kay


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