Daily Devo: Power and Precious Promises for the 5am feeding

Do you ever make resolutions in an attempt to alleviate the pressure you feel? get the kids on a better nap schedule, tackle that pile of stuff that is swelling out of your closet, get disciplined with diet and exercise. Sometimes we treat our spiritual lives this way too. We think we will feel closer to God once we’ve got a handle on life.But control over our circumstances is elusive, and a hard master to serve. At the end of the day we must embrace the fact that we can’t organize our way into communion with God. Longing for connection with God, but feeling trapped in the mundane is the story of my life, But I’m here to tell you that there is hope for you to change, and God wants to meet you there. Right there with Spit-up dripping down your back, and salty bitter tear stains on your cheeks. He loves you, and he is with you. He offers you the gift of himself to enjoy forever. Ultimately, that struggle its not about your circumstances, its about peace with God. God has provided you to have that peace that dominates any and all circumstances, regardless of how difficult they are. We need to go to Gods Word to discover how being in Christ changes the way we face the monotonous daily grind, And how the gospel makes us into servants of the Lord who rests in the peace of God- even in the midst of the chaos in our heart.

Exodus 17:8-13

Hebrews 12:12-14

Todays devo was on point! How many times have you felt this way? I can put up my hands on this one. God meets us wherever we are, we need to except that peace he gives us to get through these crazy day we have. He loves us so much that he helps us through these times.. we can’t do it on our own. we need to surrender and ask him for help. I hope you were encouraged today, and know that everything with be ok, he is with you and will never leave you. He gives us Peace! except it! Believe in him and walk through this day with that peace knowing he’s Got your back!


XOXO Melissa Kay


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