Daily Devo: United with Christ but Lonely for Friends

Many homemakers lament over a lack of genuine friendships. While we have acquaintances we talk to as we go about our business in our community, these relationships tend to be mostly shallow and circumstantial. At the end of the day we feel disconnected, even as we scroll through hundreds of photos and comments on social media. We sincerely desire to invest in friendships where we can practice the “one another’s” from Scripture. So, if the desire is there, why don’t we have the relationships we crave? Beyond the sin nature that we all share, there may be a genuine lack of time that is necessary for friendships. We all need to examine ourselves to see if we’ve misplaced our priorities. I don’t know about you, but I could write my own name next to several reasons (including misplaced priorities). The first person I think about in the morning is me. I go about my day focused on preserving the dignity of me. I prioritize my day and night according to what I think I need. And I go to bed at night wondering how to make tomorrow all about me. Who would ever want to be my friend?  Having freedom in Christ means that we can be free from the sin that comes between friends. Friends who have been estranged or are different can be united in Christ. Everything changes when we see how he loves us! When we see that we have been befriended by God through the gospel and abide in his love, we can in turn ask him for the help we need to be a friend to others.

I have had the privilege of having the best friends in my life. But there is one in perticulat that I will always cherish forever! I met her when I was 15 years old. At first we weren’t close friends, I really didn’t like her.. and she really didn’t want to be my friend.. but through the years we learned a lot about each other, we got to know one another and began to grow closer. After 12 years of friendship, we are closer than ever.. Chelsey Larson and I have been through the fire, we have had our ups and downs (What friendship doesn’t) I’ve been there for her when life gets her down and she has also been there for me, God knows how many times! We’ve had many wonderful laughs, and laughed so hard we couldn’t breath… I love her, she is my sister, and no matter where this life takes us, I know we will never depart. We have built a relationship that will not waiver. God knew what he was doing when he placed us together. I love you girl! No matter what!!! 

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13 

When you have a special friendship in your life like the one the Lord has ordained it’s the best friendship you can ever have. And if you haven’t found that friend yet, be patience, pray and really ask the Lord to send you someone who will uplift you, encourage you, love you, and be there for you no matter what!!! 

XOXO Melissa Kay 


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