Juice Cleanse Day 1

Day 1 of my juice cleanse was a little hectic. My first drink was a purple ninja.


It has 2 beets, 1 cucumber, 1 cup of blueberries and a cup of pomegranate juice. it was super yummy and I drank it periodically through out the morning. While I was consuming this drink, I started making my drinks for lunch and dinner. The 2nd drink I made was a Citrus orange drink.


This drink had Grapefruit, 1 apple, 1 lemon, and a pinch of ginger. I had to make this drink twice.. because i put a little too much ginger and it had a huge kick to it. so I suggest only many grading the ginger and putting a pinch! it tasted so much better!  this drink lasted me all through out the afternoon, just in time for dinner. which lead to my 3rd drink.


this 3rd drink was made with 2 beets, 1 apple, 2 carrots, 1 lemon and a pinch of ginger. What i have learned is drinking these drinks periodically through the day. I prepare these drinks and store them in the fridge and through the day pour me some in a smaller cup and drink as I please. The reason why i say that my first day was pretty hectic was Im learning how to acquire the taste for these juices, some where delishhhhh and the others were plain nasty.. so for day 2 I will play around with the fruits and figure out which ones taste great together and which ones don’t. Im not going to like all of them but i can at least get to a point where I can acquire the taste! So far day 1 was a little crazy.. but I know day 2 will be a lot better!

xoxo Melissa


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