A virtuous woman confession proverbs 31

Father I thank you that my husband does not spend his energy on strange women or his efforts to those who destroy Kings. I am a virtuous woman, more precious than jewels, in the heart of my husband and trust in me. My husband does not lack anything good because I reward him with good, not evil all the days my life. I select the best and work with willing hands ;I am like the merchant ships, bringing needed profession. I arise while it is still night and provide food for our household, and portions for those who help us. I evaluate good investments and move wisely as I am lead bringing  continual increase in our household. I drop on my inner strength; my arms are strong in the Lord. I can see the fruit of my work is good, my lamp never goes out at night because I always work to produce more in our lives. I am not afraid of hard work and I extend my hand to the poor and the needy. I am not afraid when the seasons of our life’s change, because everyone in my household has their name. I am creative and wise, and where the finest of clothing. My husband has a good reputation with in the city, in the places where he sits, and among the leaders of the land. I am strong in business and produce powerful Results because strength and honor are my clothing. I am optimistic about the future. My mouth opens with wisdom, and loving instruction is on my time. I watch your video activities of our household and I am never idol. My children rise up and call me blessed, and my husband plays with me. My many women are capable, but I surpassed them all! Chinese deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but I am a woman who fears the Lord, and I am pleased. I receive the reward of my labor, and my life is respected throughout the city.


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