Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

Red jeans
$45 –

Swarovski crystal earrings
$160 –

Maybelline lipstick


New Website! 

Virtuous Woman New Website
I have created my new website through Wix! I will be deleting this blog page and focusing more on my website! I really don’t want to loose any followers so please… stay in touch with my new website!!!! Thank you!!!! Xoxo Melissa 

2017 the year of Victory 

Sunday my husband and I closed a chapter in our life with these wonderful people. We have been serving under Layne and Pamela Dietz for 6 years as a married couple. We both worked in the Youth dept as well as the worship team. This church is where I got saved at the age of 15. I learned who God truly is here and discipled by the many woman of a god here, teaching me by example on how to be a powerful wife and mother. I have called this church my home for the past 15 years and have so many amazing memories! In this new season of our lives I know I will take everything I have learned from these amazing woman and men of God with me and they will see the fruit in every blood, sweat and tear they have invested in our lives! We love you New Life! And can’t wait to see where God takes you in this new season! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Worship Wednesday 

All day today on my social media pages I will be posting my favorite worship songs, as well as some of the testimonies I have experienced while leading worship! I also would love to hear from you guys on what your favorite song to worship to. At the end of the day i will choose one person that commented on either my Facebook or Instagram page and ask you why you like the song that you do, what it means to you and share it on my blog!!!!! Can’t wait to hear from y’all!!!!! 

XOXO Melissa Kay ❤️❤️❤️

There is a Cloud: By Elevation Worship 

What a perfect song for today’s weather! This song is pretty much a song for all us worshippers! Receiving his presence in the form of rain! Can you imagine us submerged in his presence? The bridge to this song  says “Like a flood, like a flood, we receive your love when you come like a flood. His love is like the rain and floods us with his presence, and we are changed from glory to glory! This song is off Elevations newest album “There is a cloud” and it’s available on ITunes right now! Please buy or download this album it’s really the best!!!! 

Throne Room by Kim Walker Smith 

Today’s worship Moment is Throne Room by Kim Walker Smith. This is off her newest album On My Side. I put this song on my worship playlist.. (I hadn’t listen to it yet) so when I was having my quiet time it came on and I was in tears by the end of the song! This song is all about worshiping the father! When you sit there and just lavish on him and tell him how great he has been in your life! This song is it! Such a great album already! It hasn’t been fully released yet, there are just a few songs in iTunes that are available and this one is one of them! Check it out! 

Here Now (Madness) Hillsong Unites for today’s Worship Moment 

Today’s worship Moment is Here Now (Madness) by Hillsong United! The lyrics to this song touch my spirit! This song is pretty much saying no matter where the Lord takes me he will always be present! It may not make any sense but sometimes living in the will of God doesn’t always HAVE to make sense! Song: Here Now (Madness) :Empires by Hillsong United #worshipmoment #worshipleaders #music #love #grace #presence #herenow #bestillmyheart 

Tremble. Mosaic MSC 

I first heard of this song while attending a church in Killeen Texas. I fell in love! I’ve never heard it before, so I searched who the artist was. An now I am in love with Mosiac MSC and their new album Glory and Wonder. This song speaks to my spirit and everything I had been going through the last couple of months! He makes the darkness tremble at the mention of his name! If you haven’t heard this song buy it now on ITunes and follow @mosaicmsc #worshipleaders #worship #worshipmoment #love #song #jesus #youmakethedarkenesstremble #tremble