It was a scandal that rocked the British Isles. In January 1936, the King of England died. Following royal protocol, his eldest son assumed the throne, becoming King Edward the Eighth. But in December of that same year, only months into his reign, King Edward stunned the nation when he formally abdicated the country’s throne and, with it, many of the benefits that come with royalty. What is especially alarming is the phrasing of the official decree, which ended in these haunting words: “I, Edward the Eighth … renounce the Throne for Myself and for My descendants.” Imagine. With one stroke of the pen, this man not only sealed his own fate, but the fate of his children and grandchildren for generations into the future. As parents, we, too, occupy a throne in the sense that God has given us a position of authority in our kids’ lives. It’s crucial that we don’t renounce that influence. Children don’t need us to be their friend – someone telling them what they want to hear. They need a parent – an authority figure willing to speak truth into their lives. We should, of course, listen to our children and give their views careful consideration, but our kids should not be allowed to run the home. That’s our God-given responsibility. Take the lesson of King Edward to heart. Abdicating your authority could risk your kids’ future for generations to come. 

What a huge thought for today. I agree with this totally. We as moms, are called to raise Godly children, God has put us as authority figures over our children’s lives. So as a mother of smaller children it is very vital for me to begin train them up as Godly Men. So when they throw a fit because you’ve asked them to do something and they refuse, you must correct that ASAP because believe me, if you don’t and you allow them to get away with it. They will always think they can get away with it and it will be harder to fix. Ask God for wisdom and knowledge everyday on what the right discipline is for your children because every child is different and what works for one child, may not work for the next. And remember mommys we are only human, we WILL make mistakes. Just remember that no one is perfect, learn from your mistakes and move foward. But don’t give up and don’t let down. Your children will grow up to be children of God with the right discipline and love:) be encouraged today!